Day of Birth: April 3, 1993
Age: 22
Height: 6'4
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Place of Residence: Miami, Florida
Hometown:  Tallahasse, Florida
Dance Style(s): Hip-hop, Breaking

Raul is the leader of the Cobra Crew and he is Joseph's biggest rival. He always tries too hard with his crew and will do whatever it takes to win. When Raul was 14, he was arrested for vandalism. He spent 2 weeks in juvenile. When he got out, his family wanted nothing to do with him, so he had to live with his uncle. Raul became more and more closer to his cousin. He learned Bboying from his cousin Richardo and Raul had an idea to start his own crew. Raul was surfing through the town to find the best dancers in Florida. He wasn't backing down even though it was hard. In 2012, Raul stumbled upon a group of dancers. He wanted to be in the crew to try to make himself leader because he likes to take charge. The crew told him that nobody is leader. So Raul thought he could officially call himself leader of the crew, but he had to prove himself that he is a good leader and a good dancer. Raul showed them his moves and they liked it. They put him in the crew and made him leader. The original leader quit the crew because he had to go to college. Later that year, Joseph came and wanted to join the crew, and Raul wanted to see what he can do. Joseh danced for Raul, and he had some words of encoragement for him. He let him in, but he has to work on his form.

In 2013, when Joseph was tardy to practice, Raul and the crew were getting irritated and impatient. When Joseph showed up, everybody was going home. Raul had confronted Joseph about being late, Joseph tried to explain himself. Raul wasn't having it, so he kicked Joseph out of the crew.  When Raul heard that Joseph started his own crew, he laughed. He decided to call him and intimidate him which caused Joseph to challenge him and the Cobra Crew to a battle before the competition. But Joseph's crew was a no-show because they had issues. When he hears that they were back together, Raul wasn't giving up without a fight. Raul notices Sergio, but doesn't pay attention. But when he overhears him talking about Joseph, Raul had to make his move and decided to make him work for him. 


Raul is bossy, mischievous, and high maintanence. He is obsessed with winning and would do anything to win. He likes to sneak up on other crews to find out their secrets. 


Raul is Puerto Rican, and he has tan skin, brown eyes, and spiky black hair. 


His crew - They find him bossy and controlling, but Raul cares what nobody thinks. 

Joseph - Former friend, rival - Raul always tends to mess with his head.