Gold Blaze Crew
Formed in: September 14, 2013
Members: Joseph , Caytlin , Johannah, Ash, Lou, Celeste, Lena, Ichirou, Zeke (Later joined in Season 2)
Place of Residence: Miami, Florida

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Miami's dance crew tries to make it big. They have to go through many diffrent challenges to be on top!


Gold Blaze Crew formed after Joseph, Leader of the crew got kicked out of the Cobra crew. Joseph met Caytlin , ant they both started the Gold Blaze Crew along with Johannah, Ash , Lou, Celeste, Lena, and Ichirou. The crew decided to compete in the Electric Jam 2013.

Season 1Edit

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Gold Blaze Crew in Season 1 (Zeke wasn't in Season 1)

Joseph was originally in the Cobra Crew, led by Raul . The crew included Beth, Kayla, Kim, Lil' Deezy, Maurice, and Kurt. The Cobra Crew's daily routine was to dance in public places that didn't allow it, the run away before the police arrived. After they escaped, Raul begins to question Joseph about his behavior. He hasn't been on time, he's been messing up on the escapes, and he's acting wierd. Raul tells Joseph if he's late again, he could be out of the crew.

Joseph has to keep the fact that he dances a secret, because his father Derek wanted him to be an engineer. The reason why is because he was also an engineer and he wanted Joseph to follow in his footsteps. He comes home and his mom Margaret started to flip out on him questioning his whereabouts. He lies and says he was studying all night. He goes to his room and rest. 


Joseph and Sergio talking.

It was the next morning and Joseph met Caytlin. She was dancing in the corner on the way to school. Joseph went over to talk to her. They both had a real connection, but Joseph was going to be late for school. Few hours later, Joseph sat with his best friend Sergio . Sergio expressed to Joseph how he disliked the Cobra Crew, but little does Sergio know, Joseph was in the Cobra Crew. He had to keep it a secret from him as well. When asked to help out with homecoming, Joseph remembered he had to meet up with the crew, and Sergio begins to question their friendship. When school ended, Joseph runs into Caytlin again. He was going to be late for practice. He thought to himself "Maybe 5 minutes." But honestly, it took longer than that. Joseph tells Caytlin about everything that goes on in his life, and she knows how she feels. They just talked and laughed and had a good time
Raul kicking Joseph out of the crew

Raul kicking Joseph out of the crew.

Meanwhile, in the Cobra Crew headquarters, everyone was waiting for Joseph, but he took too long. Raul was getting impatient so he had an announcement. He told the crew about a Fall dance competition called The Electric Jam 2013. The prize was $1000. They had 3 intense practice hours, and when practice was over, Joseph showed up. Everyone gave Joseph dirty looks, and Raul had to confront him. Joseph tried to explain himself but Raul was to furious to believe him. He had no choice but to kick him out of the crew. he took off his Cobra Crew jacket, threw it on the ground, and left. 45 minutes later, Joseph comes home, and everybody was asleep. Joseph went to his room, takes off his shirt, and jumps into bed. He was still upset about the argument between him and Raul.

The next day, Joseph leaves school, and Caytlin was waiting for him with a concerned look on her face. He tells her that Raul kicked him out of the crew and she felt sorry for him. She suggested he should start his own crew. Caytlin tells Joseph about the best dancers she knows. Ichirou (popper), Ash and Lou (Bboys), Celeste (Hip-hop) Lena (Hip-hop), and Johannah (Jazz). They all met in an old warehouse not too far from the school. Caytlin also tells Joseph about the competition,and he was interested. He tells everyone about The Electric Jam 2013 and everyone was excited about it. 

The Cobra Crew heard about Joseph starting his own crew, and they all laughed. Raul doubted that Joseph couldn't make it in the competition, so Raul decided to mess with his head and give him a call. While they were practicing, Joseph's phone rang. He told them to take five and answers his phone. Raul wastelling Joseph that he will choke in the competition. Joseph was feeling intimidated. He challenges them to a pre-battle, and everybody else was shocked because they're unprepared. Then they went to an argument. Things escalated quickly, Johannah had a nervous breakdown. Caytlin goes to comfort her, but Joseph still wouldn't calm down. Ichirou tries to make peace, but all Joseph ever thought about was winning. So everybody just left. Joseph was standing in the warehouse by himself.

The next day after everyone went crazy, Joseph was on his way to school, hoping to see Caytlin to talk to her, but she wasn't there. When school was over, he hung out with Sergio, because he really needed a friend to talk to, so he decided to help him with the homecoming dance. Joseph felt like it was time for Sergio to tell the truth, so he did. Sergio got enraged at him and started to leave him. Joseph was feeling regretful for not telling him sooner. 

Caytlin talking to Joseph

Joseph was coming home with a downed look on his face. Dad was feeling concerned, so he went to see about him. When he asked, Joseph told his father the truth, and it turns out, he already knew. He wasn't upset with him, he just wanted Joseph to be happy with what he does. 

The next day, Joseph was sitting on the bench in the park. He still felt bad about what he said to his crew. He listens to slow R&B when he's depresed. Lena walks in on him. She couldn't help but to laugh at the music he was listening to. Joseph begged for her forgiveness, at she was already over it. She tell him to apologize to the crew as well. Joseph had no idea they were still together. Everybody was at the warehouse waiting and ready to dance. Everybody except Caytlin. She was the only no-show. Johannah says that she said she had some "errands" to run, but truthfully, she was still mad at Joseph. When Joseph apologized, everyone forgave, they were eager to practice. And it was a great practice. After everyone left, he called Caytlin, but it went straight to voicemail.

Meanwhile, at the Cobra Crew Headquarters, Raul was curious as to why the crew missed the battle, and still doubted that Joseph could beat them. Lil' Deezy told them that they split up because of him, Raul wanted to use it to his advantage. Everyone agreed with his plan, except for Kayla. When Joseph was in the Cobra Crew, she always thought of him like a big brother. He was the second oldest in the Cobra Crew.   

Joseph ran into Caytlin at the parking lot, and she was not happy to see him. Joseph explains to her that they missed the battle, and told Sergio about the secret. She was interested in what he had going on with his life, so she decided to listen to him. He apologized to her, and she forgave him. They were starting to have feelings for each other. They were about to kiss, but Raul and his crew showed up. They were teasing Joseph about missing out on the battle that he called out. Caytlin tells him to ignore them, but they kept making him mad. Soon as they walk off, Joseph calms down. 

It was round one at the Electric Jam 2013, everybody met at a wrestling ring. Joseph and his crew were going against the Tricking Tigers. They started with a simple choreography and a girl from the crew did some cheerleader-like moves. When it was Joseph' crew's turn, Ash and Lou went up. They were doing windmills and flares, the crowd was impressed. When it was the Tigers' turn, the youngest of their crew did a headspin for about 22 seconds. Then Caytlin, Lena, Celeste, and Johannah went out. The other three girls were doing choreography, except Lena. She was breaking. The Tigers' final turn, they bought out another girl. She was doing tuttung that nobody thought was real. It wowed the crowd. Then Joseph decided to us Ichirou as a secret weapon. Ichiou is Miami's best robotic dancer, so he was doing unreal robotic moves. Everybody was cheering. The battle was over and Joseph's crew won the first round against the Tigers. 


Concerned Joseph talking to Ichirou.

After the first round, the crew went home to celebrate, but they knew that it was only the beginning. They justhave to work even harder. Until then, Joseph lets them relax. Lou was being his usual silly self, and the crew was just laughing and talking and having fun. All except Ichirou. Joseph and Caytlin couldn't help but notice how miserable he looked. Caytlin informs Joseph about something happening in his past, but he didn't want to speak of it. Joseph says he was going to talk to him in the end of practice. When practice was over, Joseph went to talk to Ichirou. He asks Ichirou what's wrong, and he explains the death of his mother. He breaks down in tears just talking about it, and Joseph feels bad for him. Joseph cheers him up by saying that his mother loved him and will always be there for him. That made Ichirou feel better.  Ichirou smiles for the first time in years.

Friday, Joseph runs into Sergio. He was looking sad, so Joseph goes over to see about him. Sergio tells Joseph how lonely he was, and he apologizes to him about lashing out. Joseph apologizes to Sergio for keeping the secret from him. They both made up and became friends again. Joseph asked Sergio if he wanted to meet the crew, and he said yes. Sergio had doubts about it, but he ended up agreeing to meet them.

Later that day, Joseph takes Sergio to the warehouse. The crew was alreagy waiting for him. Joseph comes in, the crew was there, and Sergio was looking nervous. Joseph introduced him to everybody. Ash and Lou was being silly towards him, and Sergio was amused. Sergio saw Celeste and he recognized her step-brother. It was time to practice, and Sergio had to go home. Little does Joseph and the crew know, Sergio also has a secret. He was working behind the Cobra Crew. He was supposed to get intel on them. He recorded them practicing so they could come up with something better than them. Sounds like Sergio's in cahoots with the enemy crew. 

Next day at Cobra Crew HQ, Raul gave Sergio a job to do. He told Sergio to get more intel about Joseph and the Crew. He was told to record more footage of them. Sergio agreed to do so. Sergiowas leaving, and he was thinking about what he was doing. He felt bad about sneaking behing Joseph's back, but at the same time, he was till upset with him. The next day, the crew was practicing for round 2 of the Electric Jam 2013. Joseph tells everybody to warm up, then Caytlin wanted to talk to him. Caytlin notices Sergio acting weird, because she said hi to him, and no response. Joseph also explained to her that he saw him in the park with the Cobra Crew on his wayto practice, so it is possible that he is working for them.  Joseph decided to talk to him the next time he sees him. Then Joseph tells everyone that Round 2 is tomorrow, and they're going against an all-girl crew called the Starlettes, from Atlanta, Georgia. It was told that they're the most agressive, dangerous crew in Atlanta. Joseph had a plan. Joseph called the hip-hop dancers (Ash, Celeste, Lena, Lou, ). The girls are going to come up with a really great choreography. And Joseph wanted to use Ichirou as the secret weapon. Ichirou is going to do a techno robotic dance to wow the crowd. They started practicing, they give it their all, and they are pretty confident about it.

Round 2 of the Electric Jam 2013. The crews were outside, it was raining and everyone was about to start. The Starlettes were ready and waiting, while Joseph's crew were looking scared about how they looked, but they felt they could beat them. The music started, and the Starlettes went first. They started with a crumping choreography, and the shortest girl did the highest kick in the history of the earth. The crowd went wild. Then it was Joseph's crew's turn. Ash, Lou, Lena, and, Celeste  did the moves that they practiced and it was intense. When it was the girls' turn they started dancing, but Joseph claims he seen their choreography before. They copied it from a Ciara song. After that, Caytlin and Johannah took the floor. Johannah did her ballet spin for 60 seconds, the MC was amazed and so was the crowd. When it was their final turn, they went to the extreme. Two of the girls in the crew were breakdancing, and were doing cheerleading-type choreo. The crowd was cheering really loud. Joseph knew this wasn't over with. So it was Ichirou's turn. He puts on his sunglasses, and went in front of the Starlettes. Ichirou did these inhuman robotic moves. His feet was moving fast and his body was so flexable. The crowd was going nuts of Ichirou. The battle was over, and it turns out Joseph's crew wins again. Their 5 hours of intense practice paid off.

Few hours after the battle, the crew goes to the warehouse to rest. They were still soaking wet from the battle. Joseph thought it was time to think of a name for the crew. Now that they're going to the final round of the Electric Jam, they can't be called "that crew" or "the nameless crew". It had to be creative and unique. Lou was joking around and wanted to be called "The Crazyasses". Lena thought it was funny but inappropriate. Caytlin came up with the name Gold Blaze because she believes that the opportunities they have are always golden. Everyone loved the name, and Joseph decided to go with the name Gold Blaze.

Sunday afternoon, Ash and Lou were hanging out at the mall joking around. Lou was the one making Ash laugh so hard. Ash notice Sergio over there with Raul and the Cobra Crew. They go behind a wall to see what they're talking about. Sergio was telling Raul about them winning Round 2 and their crew name. When Sergio asked what else to do, Raul said he'll handle the rest. Ash and Lou run off because they can't believe what they heard. Lou thought about telling Joseph, because they'll do something unexpected, but Ash thought they shouldn't because they're best friends and  he doesn't want them to go at it on each other. The next day, Joseph and Sergio were in school chatting, and laughing. Sergio had to use the restroom. As soon as he went, Joseph notices the Cobra Crew badge on Sergio's backpack. Joseph was remembering him being with the Cobra Crew the other day, and thinking he's associated with them. When school was over, Joseph confronted Sergio about the badge, but Sergio tried to cover it up with a lie, by saying he found it on the ground. Joseph gave him a dirty look, and Sergio came clean. He told Joseph that he was still angry with him for not being honest so he was hired by Raul to get some intel on them. Joseph was mad, they both argued Sergio tried to explain, but Joseph said he was done and just walked off. 5 minutes later, Lena calls Joseph saying there was a problem at the warehouse. Joseph was nervous and rushed to the warehouse. When he arrived, the warehouse was destroyed, damaged, and there was purple graffiti on the wall that said "COBRAS WILL KILL". Joseph goes off. Johannah tries to calm him down, Celeste even tells him to chill out. Joseph was so mad about what they did, he decided to call it quits. They just made it to the final round and the Cobra Crew sabotaged them. Everyone was upset and went home. 

The Cobra crew was celebrating their victory. Every one was happy except for Kayla. Kayla felt that they overdid that little stunt, but Raul doesn't regret it. He felt that the Gold Blaze Crew deserved everything that came to them. Kayla also expressed to them that it wasn't the same since Joseph got kick out, and he dropped out of the competition. Everyone agreed, but Raul said to let it go and start practicing. Kayla started feeling sorry for Joseph and his crew, she started to have second thoughts about being in the Cobra Crew. Kayla told the crew she had to get something, but the truth is, she really went to Joseph's house. The day after the incident, Joseph tells his family about the situation with Raul, they supported him. Joseph's little sister Izzy gave Joseph some nice words and the family vowed they would do anything for him. The doorbell rang and Joseph's dad answers it. It was Kayla asking for Joseph. He came to the door, and he was surprised to see her.. Kayla explained that she wasn't a part of what the crew did and she didn't care of Joseph didn't believe her. Joseph thought about giving up after all they been through, but Kayla suggests that him and the crew could show them payback. Joseph liked the idea, but questions Kayla in her assistance. Kayla always thought of Joseph as a big brother. The next day, Joseph called the crew and told them to meet them at the park. When they showed up, the first thing they noticed was Kayla. She told them she wanted to help them get back at Raul and his crew. Lena wasn't afraid to say she doesn't trust her, but then agree to let her in. She really wants to beat Raul. So when Kayla explained the plan step by step, everyone was eager to do it. 

Zcamera-20160312 084210

Concerned Caytlin wondering about Joseph's eye.

When the Cobra Crew minus Kayla came back from dancing in front of the arcade, they find their home fully wrecked. The damage was worse than theirs. Raul got really upset. Kayla shows up pretending she wasn't a part of this, and Raul begins to question her on where has she been. Raul said the same thing before, he'll handle it. The Gold Blaze crew was hanging out at Joseph's house. They were having a laugh and talking and having fun. Ash, Lou, Lena and Celeste were Joking around, Johannah, Caytlin and Joseph were talking, and Ichirou was meditating. When everyone started to play Truth or Dare, Joseph gets a call from Raul telling him to meet him in front of his destroyed warehouse. Joseph has decided to go without his crew. 45 minutes later, he came to the destroyed warehouse, and Raul was telling Joseph how angry he was and trying to force him to drop out of the competition. Joseph refused, so Raul roughed him up. He punched him until he went down to the ground. Raul also spit on him and left. 23 minutes later, Joseph limped home with a black eye and went to bed. Caytlin came to him and wondered about his eye. Joseph didn't want to explain. He told the rest of the crew to come here. Everyone came with worried looks on their faces. Joseph told them that he was dropping out of the competition. Everyone was upset. He didn't explain why because he wanted to protect his crew. Everyone went home except Caytlin. She demanded to know what was going on, but Joseph refused to tell her. Caytlin had tears in her eyes and just left. She was very upset with him.     

The next day, Joseph was expecting to talk to Caytlin. He was on his way to school, and she wasn't there. She is usually always there, but ever since Joseph quit, her and the crew haven't said a word to him. A few hours, Joseph was in History class, and Sergio wanted to talk to him. He wanted his best friend back. Joseph didn't want to talk to him, because he still hasn't got over what he did. Joseph told Sergio he wanted to be alone. Hours later when school was over, Caytlin still wasn't there at her usual spot. Joseph thought she would be there. Joseph went home and sat on his bed all sad. His dad came to him and wondered what was wrong with him. He told him that he got beat up by Raul. His dad was upset, he wanted to rough him up, but instead he gave him more helpful advice. Joseph felt a little better. At the Cobra Crew HQ, Raul informed everybody that the Gold Blaze Crew is done for. Everyone was excited, except Kayla. The reason for that is because she had fun helping the Gold Blaze Crew. Kim suggested to celebrate, but Raul was so serious about this competition, he wanted to drop everything and practice. 3 hours later when practice was over, Kayla confronted Raul and demanded to know what actually happened. Raul told her that he beat him up, and Kayla got upset. They both went into an argument and Raul threatened to kick her out of the crew, but she decided to quit. Her last words to Raul was "By the way, I helped Joseph's crew tear up the place." Raul got very angry. That afternoon, Joseph was sitting on his usual bench looking down on the ground. Kayla runs into him and wanted to talk to Joseph. She tells him that she quit the crew. She also offers to help him with the competition, but Joseph thought about giving up because the crew had abandoned him. It turned out the crew never did, after Kayla quit the Cobra Crew, she calls the Gold Blaze crew. Joseph was surprised to see them. Everyone was there, except for Caytlin. She's still upset about Joseph dropping out. Johannah expressed that she doesn't want to leave the crew. Ash and Lou did the same thing. Everybody still wanted to be in the competition. Kayla wanted to help too. Joseph agreed, and the Electric Jam 2013 is a go.

Next day, the Cobra Crew came to practice, but they noticed that Kayla was missing. Raul had told everyone lies about her. He told them that Kayla was a traitor and quit the crew, and she was working with the enemy. Beth expressed to Raul that she's never liked her. Raul was eager to practice because the Electric Jam was 5 days away. Meanwhile, the Gold Blaze Crew minus Caytlin was practicing at  Kayla's Dad's garage. Kayla was there to replace Caytlin. As they were practicing, Joseph saw the look on Kayla's face. She really wanted to beat Raul as much as Joseph did. They were taking a break, and Lena wouldn't leave Kayla alone. She's still trying to interrogate her. Kayla made it very clear that she doesn't want anything to do with Raul. 3 hours later, practice ended and everyone went home except Joseph and Kayla. They were talking about Lena's trust issues, and the competition. They were talking and laughing.

At Caytlin's house, she was feeling sad about the whole situation. Her mom came to her concerned, and she asked what was wrong. She started to cry a little. Her dad also showed up to comfort her. Caytlin told her parents about the situation and Joseph wouldn't explain why he dropped out. Her dad said it was going to be okay. The Electric Jam was about to start and Caytlin saw on the TV that she had been replaced. She was very devastated after all the times she helped the crew. She didn't want to watch the competition, but her family did. She had no choice to watch it with them.

It's time for the competition. The crews were in a large arena, and there were over 5 crews competing. The battle that everybody was waiting for was Cobra Crew vs. Gold Blaze. Unfortunately they had to battle other crews. If both of the crews win a round, they will have to battle against each other in the end. The first battle is Gold Blaze Crew vs. R.A.G.E. They were looking tough, but Joseph was telling them to follow his lead. The M.C announced their names, the crews come on the floor ready. The music started and R.A.G.E. went first. They all were doing different kinds of stunts. Their energy level was beyond high. The crowd went crazy, even the MC. Now it was the Gold Blaze crew's turn. The boys went in front to do a choreo. Ash and Lou started doing difficult stuts not even R.A.G.E could do. Then the girls did an intense choreography done by Kayla. And lastly, Ichirou and his inhuman movements. He puts on his sunglasses and starts doing robotic moves. He even did the matrix so far back, the R.A.G.E crew couldn't even see him. The crown was astounded and amazed. The first round was over and the MC announced that the winners was the Gold Blaze Crew. Joseph shook R.A.G.E leader's hand to show no hard feelings. Meanwhile back at Joseph's home, Izzy tells everyone that Joseph won round 1. Mom and Dad were excited for him. His father prayed him and his crew would win. Back at the competition, the next battle was Cobra Crew vs. SwagNation. Before Raul could get out on the floor, he wanted to mess with Joseph and Kayla. He congratulated them and then insulted Joseph and Kayla. Lena wasn't gonna take that so she tries to get up and set him straight, but Johannah tells her to calm down. Then Raul tells Joseph that they're 100% sure they'll win, but Joseph says they're coming at them. Raul leaves to get to the floor. The MC announced both of the crews and they went on stage. The music started and SwagNation went first. They do formations and hard choreography. The one in the middle does a really long 1990s spin and the crowd went wild. Now it's the Cobra Crew's turn. Lil' Deezy and Maurice went in front just all over the place. They were going fast with the choreo. Kim and Beth came out and started twerking, Raul started tutting, and Kurt did the same thing Ichirou did, robotic movements. The MC's mind was blown. Round 2 was over, and the Cobra Crew won that round. The last round was coming and it's the battle that everybody was waiting for. Cobra Crew vs. Gold Blaze Crew. Meanwhile at Caytlin's house, Caytlin notices that the battle was getting intense. She watches as the Gold Blaze crew gets ready for the final round. She couldn't stand the sight of seeing  him and Kayla together, so she decided to go down there to the arena. Back at the competition, the crews were done cooling off and Joseph gave everybody some advice before getting out there. He said "It's time. We finally get to show Raul what we're made of. No matter what happens, we have to do whatever it takes to win!" Caytlin shows up, and everyone was happy to see her, even Joseph. Caytlin said she was still mad at him, but couldn't let him lose. She doesn't trust Kayla, but has no choice but to use her. The MC calls them up to the floor and they came. Raul and his crew were confident, and Joseph and his crew were ready. In the audience, Sergio was there to support Joseph. Even though Joseph was still mad at Sergio, he wanted to keep his best friend. So the music started, and the Cobra Crew went first, The boys went out to do some choreography. Raul and Lil' Deezy did some B-boying footwork. The Gold Blaze crew gathered in formations. Ash and Lou went out. Lou did flares, and Ash did headspins. Caytlin went out there and she tumbled, and after that, the boys started tutting. And the girls went out there to do some choreo. The Cobras start again. Raul did some step choreo. Then Kim and Beth started twerking again. Johannah went out there and did her ballet spins while everybody else circles her, and after that, Ichirou does some moves from Skrillex. The crowd looked crazy and wild. 5 minutes later the winner of the Electric Jam is..... The Cobra Crew. The Gold Blaze Crew lost against them. They felt sad and devastated even Sergio in the audience felt bad for them. Caytlin's family felt sad that that they lost, so did Joseph's family. After the competition, they were sitting in the locker rooms feeling sad. Kayla apologizes, and Joseph says it wasn't her fault. He felt they haven't gave it their all. The  MC came in the locker room with the Gold Blaze Crew, and cheers them up. He says "What's with the sad faces? I personally think you guys would have won, I'm not even gonna lie. If you just push yourselves really hard and have confidence in yourself, you may have a chance. There's always next year. Don't let this loss get you down." That made the crew feel good. Joseph felt like he made a mistake bringing the crew together and gave them the choice to quit, but they wanted to stay together. Kayla says she wanted to go solo. She still doesn't want to be in the Cobra Crew with Raul. She either wanted to start her own crew, or go solo. Joseph agreed to it. Then Sergio comes in. Desperate to win his best friend back, Sergio apologizes to Joseph and the crew that they lost and that he betrayed him. Joseph saw the look in his eyes, and decides to forgive him. Joseph felt it was a good competition even though they didn't win.

Saturday midday, The Gold Blaze Crew decided to have party. Everybody's families were there. Lena was keeping her twin brother on lock because they mess everything up, Ichirou brought his father. Caytlin's Mom, Dad and sister, Celeste's Dad, Stepmom and Stepbrother, and everybody else. The reason for this party was because Joseph and Caytlin brought the crew together, and they were like family. He wanted to celebrate the fact that even though they lost, their families supported them. 3 hours after the party, Caytlin ran to Joseph and kissed him. She said she forgives him, and they both kissed. They have a great dance crew and they aren't going anywhere. STAY GOLDEN!

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